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At the end of the day, your law firm is a business

At Attorney Business Consulting, we understand that. For nearly two decades, we have honed our skills as financial experts. Now, we are ready to employ those skills for you.

Maintaining and creating financial records can be a hassle. At Attorney Business Consulting, we can help ease that burden. We know how important it is to budget, model your finances, and establish internal controls. Our team can establish practices so your law firm runs more smoothly.

Cash flow is key. We have the experience that your team needs to keep everything moving in the right direction. Optimizing your billing and collection procedures is vital to success. This, in turn, helps you generate the revenue you need to grow your business.

We look at your past and present expenditures and income. Attorney Business Consulting drills down into the documents to understand the scope of your business completely. We try to precisely define your capital requirements, annual budgets, and overhead. Our years of experience gives us unique insight into your law firm’s finances.

From there, we start looking towards the future. We can help transform your law firm’s financial strategies. Our consultants can help you now, but they can also help you one, five, and ten years down the road. With us, your law firm will grow. We want to help you create a strong financial foundation, so you can build.

Getting Your Finances In Order

You Need To Ask Yourself:

Is my financial reporting accurate?

What will my finances look like a year from now? What about three years? What about five?

Am I effectively using my expenditures?

Am I investing in the right places?

Have I set my finances up for long-term success?

Attorney Business Consulting

Has A History Of Success

We have a proven track record of success. The team at Attorney Business Consulting employs time-tested and innovative strategies to ensure that your bottom line is where you want it to be. We want to use these skills for you. Our consultants also want to give you this knowledge, so you have more control over your finances, and your future. We can help you achieve long-term success.


There is no sense in paying a dime more than you absolutely have to. You earned it all. Why should you have to fork over some of your cold hard cash to Uncle Sam?

At Attorney Business Consulting, we know what it takes to ensure that you are both 100% compliant with tax laws and also saving money. When it comes to tax planning, our strategies are second to none. Reducing taxes is key to helping you grow.

Record Keeping

Your accounting practices are only as good as your record keeping. If you do not know what you are spending money on, you need our services. If you do not know how much you are spending, you need our services. If you don’t have an idea about either, you definitely need our services.

Attorney Business Consulting has the insight you need to establish clear, accurate, and perfect records. You need to have a good idea of where your expenditures and income is coming from in order to properly assess your law firm.

Looking Forward

You need to look towards your future in more ways than one. Making sure that your law firm accounting is correct is only part one. Growing means that you need a firm base. That is true when it comes to your practice, but you need to think about your retirement. As rewarding as the legal profession is, you can’t do it forever.

We focus on the fundamentals. Attorney Business Consulting puts together the building blocks. The only thing left is you.


Are you billing for every single hour you are working? The answer to that question may seem simple, but the truth is quite complex. If you are working, you need to get paid for it, simple as that. However, setting up an efficient billing and record-keeping system confounds many lawyers.

At Attorney Business Consulting, we know what it means to make sure you are getting paid every penny that you are owed. Billing keeps your law firm alive. Our team of consultants understands exactly how important it is to keep your law firm accounting growing and flourishing.

Law Marketing Audits

There is no sense in throwing good money after bad money. Attorney Business Consulting will do a deep dive into your financial structure so that we can completely understand what the situation is. The consultants have significant experience and can spot any abnormalities in your law firm’s books. Finding weak spots and areas for improvement can help you capitalize on opportunities.

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Attorney Business Consulting can consult with your law firm, anywhere in the country. You can start moving to greater success today. We are only a phone call away. Attorney Business Consulting is ready to take your law firm accounting to greater heights. Are you ready to reach higher levels of success?


I have spent a great deal of time with Gennadiy and can honestly say that he has profoundly impacted the course and direction of my business in a very positive way. He has provided me with an incredible amount of skills, action steps, inspiration, ideas and support, which has helped me grow my law firm tremendously. Investing in Gennadiy is investing in the quality of your business, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is eager to grow their practice.

Cristie Twain

I can't find enough words to describe Gennadiy. His style yields real results. He helped me break down my business into pieces and then provide manageable steps to re-build it like a top law firm. I was honestly overwhelmed when I hired Attorney Business Consulting and a little apprehensive whether to spend the money there or someplace else. But it has proven to be the best thing that I did since I founded my firm.

George Adams



Attorney Business Consulting can consult with your law firm, anywhere in the country. You can start moving to greater success today. We are only a phone call away. Attorney Business Consulting is ready to take your business to greater heights. Are you ready to reach higher levels of success?

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