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Does Your Team Have The Perfect Touch?

First impressions matter. Saying the right thing the first time can be the difference between a client choosing a different law firm or having a client for life. It is up to you, as a partner in your practice, to ensure that everyone is doing the right thing.

That is where we can help. At Attorney Business Consulting, we have successfully developed numerous law firms. You have the power to change what your team does. We can help you direct and empower your employees.

We do not believe in wasting your clients’ time. Speaking emphatically and authoritatively can guarantee long-term success. We can show you the right words to say and the right phrases to use. This is the surest way to get results.

Is Your Team As Effective As They Can Be?

You Need To Ask Yourself:

Are my practices effective?

Are the people who receive calls polite and firm?

Do potential clients know what we can do for them in just one phone call?

Does my team have enough knowledge of what I do to ensure success?

Is there room for my team to improve?


I have spent a great deal of time with Gennadiy and can honestly say that he has profoundly impacted the course and direction of my business in a very positive way. He has provided me with an incredible amount of skills, action steps, inspiration, ideas and support, which has helped me grow my law firm tremendously. Investing in Gennadiy is investing in the quality of your business, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is eager to grow their practice.

Cristie Twain

I can't find enough words to describe Gennadiy. His style yields real results. He helped me break down my business into pieces and then provide manageable steps to re-build it like a top law firm. I was honestly overwhelmed when I hired Attorney Business Consulting and a little apprehensive whether to spend the money there or someplace else. But it has proven to be the best thing that I did since I founded my firm.

George Adams



Attorney Business Consulting can consult with your law firm, anywhere in the country. You can start moving to greater success today. We are only a phone call away. Attorney Business Consulting is ready to take your business to greater heights. Are you ready to reach higher levels of success?

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